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Power generating Company

A company can utilize its existing power generating capacities that is being sold through a grid for sale of its TROT Power Products.

The power generation may be conventional or non-conventional, thus, open for all – from atomic power generation plant to a single power windmill linked to a grid.

The project, however, needs to be rated by a specified accredited rating agency for its long term technical and financial viability.

As a thumb rule, you can sale TROT Power Products of an aggregate value of 75% of the present capital cost of similar capacity. (Click on ‘Product Presentation’ to view the product details)

Power Trading Company

A Power Trading Company (PTC) can sell its TROT Power Products in respect of the power capacities or the quantity covered under its long term power purchase agreements entered into with power generating capacities.

What part of the capacity can be earmarked for sale on TROT terms?

The capacity that can be freely sold in the market at the market rate

It needs to have freely saleable power capacities i.e. the capacities not covered any long term obligations to supply power under any Power Purchase Agreement or any such other obligations restricting selling rates or putting restrictions on or compulsion to supply power to a customer or a class of customers.

Certain part of the power may have been earmarked or reserved for supply power at reduced rate or in respect of which subsidy is to be claimed. As such part of the capacity curtails free market forces, it cannot form a basis for generation and sale of the TROT Power Products.

The capacities subjected to such supply or rate restrictions/conditions can be reasonably estimated. The balance capacity can be utilized for sale of TROT Power Products.

Global Reach

TROT e-trade Platform is a secured global platform facilitating transactions in any currency and any country.

Thus, your power capacities situated in any country can be exploited to sale your TROT Power Products.
The country specific power regulations and policies of the Power Regulatory authorities need to be factored in.

Many of the developing countries control foreign exchange transactions. It would restrict sale of its TROT Power products within the country.

TROT Power Products not only hedge the cost for future power consumption but also provides a sound investment avenue for the investors – retail investors to HNIs to corporates – being assured of good returns, liquidity and TROT Safety. Thus, it provides investment opportunities for the investors all over the world.

TROT Power Products will be launched soon after certain legal and regulatory compliances

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