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The consumer may invest in TROT Power Products as ‘power rate hedge-cum-investment’ opportunity. He may hold the product for a long period and offer either to settle his monthly power bills after the rates are changed over a period or resale the products itself for retunes and liquidity or surrender it to claim compensation assuring him minimum returns.

Bulk Power Consumers

Such consumer companies would look at the Products as an investment avenue to park its short term cash surpluses. In an environment where the power rates are directly linked to the input cost for every billing cycle, the Products would provide an effective hedge against uncertainties of the power cost in future.

It would be of great value to very high power consumers those depending on the grid power i.e. without captive power source. The hedge would help effectively budget its power cost and protect its bottom line.

Power Trading Companies

It can effective hedge its cost in respect of power purchases beyond the power supplied under the Power Purchase Agreements.

Power Distribution Companies

Power purchase rates fluctuate widely depending on the consumption pattern that in turn varies for different hours of the day, seasons, occasions and festivities.

Variation in power rates are wide and effects profitability of the company.

TROT Power Products would provide an ideal solution. It would help settle its power purchase bills at a pre-fixed rate irrespective of the market rates.

It is an investment till it is consumed i.e. surrendered while payment of the bills on TROT terms. Thus, as an investment, the company is free to sale it any time for liquidity and returns.

TROT Power Products will be launched soon after certain legal and regulatory compliances

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