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TROT Power product offer many opportunities to Power Trading Companies (PTC).
Generate and sell your own TROT Power Products

The existing tradable power capacities under the various Power Purchase Agreements can be covered, whole or a part of it, under TROT terms. As a thumb rule, aggregate value of sale its TROT Power Products would be 300% of its annual power sales.

The cash surplus can be utilized for investment in power generating companies for additional capacities to be brought under its Long Term Power Purchase Agreement. It would result into multiplier effect to substantially grow without debt fund obligations and without compromising its profitability and its long term cash flow.

Market maker Opportunities

In absence of a well developed market with a large customer base, TROT e-Trade Platform needs support of Market makers to provide ready ‘buy-bids’ as ready buyers of TROT Power products.

Earnings of the Market maker would be the difference between the sell & buy bids. The holding period would depend on the holding capacity and the overall market power sector market conditions.

A Market Maker may restrict its support to the TROT Power Products sold by itself or that of certain power generating companies.

It may also be subject to a monetary ceiling i.e. limit on investment in the stocks in hand at any given time.
It may also agree to function as Market Maker for a certain period. The unsold stock can be purchased by the Company that has first sold it, thus, replacing it as a Market Maker in respect of its own products. will actively promote the market through its network of 50,000+ TROT Agents and the customers registered with it for all the different TROT Products.

It would also undertake special promotion-cum-awareness campaigns for the opportunities and to improve upon the customer base continually.

As a Major Player in Power Derivatives

With its specialized knowledge of the power market, Power Trading Companies have an edge over the others.

It can function as a consultant or advisor rendering its expertise to retail players in the Power Derivatives. A large number of TROT customers would be interesting in exploring the new, innovative concept of Power Derivatives.

TROT Power Clearing House’ services

TROT terms provide for surrender of TROT Power Products to settle the power consumption bills on TROT terms i.e. at a pre-fixed rate.

Thus, the Power Distribution Company collects the pre-fixed rate in respect of the TROT Power Products surrendered.

Amount payable to a Power Generating Company or the Power Trading Company is paid at the pre-fixed rates after deducting the distribution charges in respect of its TROT Power products surrendered.

It entails a ‘TROT Power Clearing House’ facilities for smooth functioning of the transactions and to ensure timely payment of the dues payable to the power supplier i.e. the Power Generating Company or the Power Trading Company that has sold the TROT Power Products.

The TROT Power Clearing House System provides for all the necessary support for conducting the complex transactions.

A reputed Power Trading Company, in tie-up with Power Distribution Companies is best placed to conduct the TROT Power Clearing House operations.

There can be more than one such clearing house entities within a country or a region.

Clearing House charges would generate attractive revenue for such company.

TROT Power Products will be launched soon after certain legal and regulatory compliances

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